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This week on Ashes To Ashes

5 August 2016

The little girl starts haunting Tsietsi too and Disebo’s husband shows up. Ashes to Ashes, weekdays at 8PM.

Chwepeshe and Nokulunga narrowly escape a run-in with the Burundians. Selo holds a press conference for Mandlakazi, then comes home to find that Mandlakazi’s heart medication has been taken. Mandlakazi refuses to take the heart medication. Reba refuses to leave the baby's bones in the chapel. Thandeka walks out on the family, saying there is nothing more she can do for them. Selo talks Tsietsi into taking him to Nkomonde to help the family.

This is what you missed on Ashes to Ashes last week.

Chwepheshe has the Namanes exactly where he wants them. Selo and Tsietsi are between a rock and a hard place. Reba awaits news of Nkonzo's connection to the child. Damian and Disebo grow increasingly curious about the Namane's secretiveness about what's happening in the chapel.

Mandlakazi battles for her freedom. Tsietsi and Reba argue about the baby’s remains. Tsietsi is surprised by a nightmare involving a little girl. Nokulunga and Mickey have a big blow out over the Chwepheshe situation and they end up leaving in separate directions.

Selo is at his wits end as Tsietsi starts being haunted by the child too. There is still no sign of Mandlakazi. Things come to a head between Tsietsi and Mpho, as she tries to leave the Namane house. Damian and Disebo struggle to pull Mr. Ndlovu's rehearsal funeral together. Disebo continues to hide from her husband.

Tsietsi manages to get Mpho to stay home but is left powerless when she demands that Ma’Mazibuko return to take care of her. Selo is shattered when the lead on Ma’Mazibuko goes cold. Buzwe manages to get Reba to leave the chapel. Disebo is left flawed when her husband shows up.

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