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This week on Ashes To Ashes

16 August 2016

Tsietsi suffers a seizure, Selo is willing to give up his wealth and Mandlakazi’s body is rejecting her heart. Ashes to Ashes, weekdays at 8PM. 

Selo receives a visitor that may lead him to Mandlakazi. Tsietsi and Nokulunga are both harsh on Ma’Mazibuko, who is still bent on extracting information from an unaware Mpho. Mandlakazi's plan to get word to Selo fails. Reba continues to frustrate Buzwe. Damian receives a strange request for a funeral service.

Selo learns that Cynthia has conned him and is devastated. Mandlakazi throws Bab'Hlongwane off her trail but fails to get more information about where he sources her medication from. Fez shows up at Namane funerals, but is chased away by Damian. Tsietsi suffers a seizure when he puts his foot down regarding the babies' names. Chwepeshe decides to use Zungu to his advantage. Damian is under stress trying to do his job and take care of Disebo.

This is what you missed on Ashes to Ashes last week.

The family refuse to pay attention to Reba's warnings about the curse affecting Tsietsi too. With the baby's grandmother not found, Selo prepares to give up all his wealth to break the curse. Mandlakazi presses on trying to get an ally in Fez, as her health deteriorates and Bab'Hlongwane gets increasingly erratic. Mickey and Nokulunga break up. Damian finds planning a karaoke funeral a bit of a nightmare and is surprised to find himself getting on with Chwepheshe.

Selo and Tsietsi decide to give away everything to beat the curse and Reba is left out and isolated. Mandlakazi's body is rejecting her heart. Zungu makes a deal with Chwepeshe to keep an eye on the Namanes. Damian learns that Disebo is actually a pastor's wife.

Fez finally makes contact with Selo. Chwepeshe continues his campaign to frame the Namanes for the diamond deal in case they are investigated by the police. Ma'Mazibuko worms her way further into the Namane house. Damian discovers that Disebo has lied about her husband's true identity.

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