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Will the Namanes give it all up?

17 August 2016

The only way to break the curse on their family is to give up the business, the house and all their riches. Will they really go through with it? Ashes To Ashes weekdays at 8PM.

The Namane family’s lives are pretty much in shambles. Mandlakazi is still being held hostage, Reba nearly lost her mind, the curse is starting to affect Tsietsi and Mpho is worried that the twins will be born with the curse too.

Selo has to right his wrongs from the past, and tonight he is told the only way to do that is to give up all his wealth.

Remember, the whole reason Selo and Mandlakazi have a funeral empire in the first place is because they sacrificed an innocent child to the ancestors to gain it. They were meant to sacrifice Mpho, but in order to save her life they chose to send her away and kill an innocent child from a different family. Now their tricks are catching up with them.

Will Selo really give it all up to save his family?

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Ashes To Ashes is coming to an end, the finale is on Friday, 2 September.