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Umlilo comes to an end

14 September 2016

After four successful seasons the award-winning drama series, Umlilo, comes to an end on Monday, 19 September at 9:30PM. 

Over the course of its four seasons, Umlilo explored a polygamous marriage and the interpersonal dramas of a family in a state of flux. In season 1, we saw polygamist Mnqobi introduce his third wife Khwezi, oblivious to her devious intentions.

Season 2 returned in August 2015 and delivered more death and drama than ever before. We saw Khwezi, along with her uncle Welcome, put their plan into action and leave the Simelanes in tatters. Dumile worked hard to uncover Khwezi’s identity, but it was too late as Mnqobi had already lost his first wife, Cebisile, and his entire family’s lives were in danger. In the end, Khwezi held Mnqobi and Dumile hostage, forcing him to shoot Dumile.
In season 3 and 4, viewers saw Mnqobi wed his fourth wife Palesa, and the nation chewed its nails during the tension-filled court moments between Thembi and Mnqobi. Not only did Thembi end up in a psychiatric hospital, but she kept her pregnancy a secret from Mnqobi.
As the show heads towards a thrilling finale, Thembi will take actions that will affect the Kumkanis.

Will she finally get the revenge she craves, or will she suffer more than ever for trying to take on  Mnqobi? It is through Thembi’s actions that Dumile will finally get to be the mother she has always wanted to be.

Don’t miss the Umlilo finale on Monday, 19 September at 9:30PM?