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This week on Ashes To Ashes

25 August 2016

Mam’Mazibuko attempts to abduct one of the newborn twins, Selo confesses to murder and Mandlakazi is finally brought home. Watch Ashes To Ashes for the last week, daily at 8PM.

Tsietsi and Selo comes to blows about Hlongwane demanding one of Tsietsi’s babies. Mickey discovers Chwepheshe’s been spying on them. Mandlakazi tries her best to convince Fez about what needs to be done. Nkonzo and Mam'Mazibuko can’t agree on how to take the Namanes down. Buzwe and Reba kiss and make up. Damian’s plan to hook Phathuli up with Patience goes array.

Selo is at pains trying to convince Tsietsi to use his first born child as bait for Bab’Hlongwane. Mpho goes into labour, after Tsietsi reveals all to her. Mickey takes Chwepheshe on and he ropes Nokulunga in to help him take the Namane nemesis down. Damian is elated to find that the dream of being a Namane shareholder is actually a reality.

The twins are born and Tsietsi and Mpho are grateful. Reba catches Mam’mazibuko trying to leave with the firstborn. A wounded Mickey proposes to Nokulunga. Selo realises that the cops have seized the 100 million. Damian manages to get Phathuli to meet with patience. 

The Namanes are reeling after Mam’Mazibuko’s attempt to abduct one of the newborn twins and Reba’s trip to the hospital. Selo gets renewed hope that Mandlakazi can be rescued. Tsietsi grapples with having to use his daughter to catch Bab’Hlongwane. Disebo has a final confrontation with her husband while Damian looks forward to becoming CEO once the business is officially handed over to shareholders.

Selo and Tsietsi take the baby to barter for Mandlakazi’s life. Selo confesses the murder of Nomzamo Mazibuko. Tsietsi and Mpho reunite and Mandlakazi is reunited with her family. Disebo, Damian and Sbu celebrate a new beginning in their lives.

Ashes To Ashes comes to an end this Friday, 2 September so be sure to catch the last of the gripping action.