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#UmliloFinale: Watch the final scene again

21 September 2016

Thembi was always unpredictable, but we really didn’t see this one coming. Watch that incredible final scene again.

Umlilo has come to an end. If you missed the finale last night, here’s a breakdown of what happened:

Palesa told her mother that she’s a lesbian and her mother accepted her with open arms.

Andile received a sign from her mother at the last minute and decided to go through with getting married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony.

Mnqobi managed to get the Chief on his side and Thembi was forced to part with her baby.

Dumile tried to convince Mnqobi to leave the baby with Thembi, but he refused and instead demanded that she raise the baby, as he knows he’ll be sent to prison as soon as he returns home.

Dumile couldn’t bear to leave with Thembi’s child so she jumped out of the car and raced back to Thembi.

Then Mnqobi came after them with a gun, Thembi told Dumile to run away and she dealt with Mnqobi.

She eventually set her house on fire with both of them inside, while Dumile made away with the baby.

Re-watch the spine-chilling clip:

Was it a happy ending in your opinion?