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#Heist is back!

17 January 2017

Tonight, 5Bob makes a confession that makes Flash’s blood boil. Heist, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

On the last episode of Heist, before the festive season break, 5Bob turned into a maniac. He broke into Bra Talent’s house and held his son, Ben, hostage. He then demanded that Ben shows him where his father stashed the rest of the money they stole from the Justin Bieber heist.

But Ben didn’t know anything about the heist or the money – so 5Bob killed him.

Mark, Flash and Merci then caught 5Bob still sitting next to Ben’s bloody body. They tied him up, but as they were still discussing what to do with him – he escaped. He then called the gang and threatened to teach them all a lesson.

In tonight’s episode 5Bob is still on the run from the gang. He calls Flash from the hospital bedside of Veja’s son and makes a confession. What could it be?

Watch the trailer below:

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