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#Heist: Will 5Bob snitch to the police?

24 January 2017

After handing himself over to the police, will 5Bob turn on the gang and tell the police everything? Heist, Tuesdays at 9:30PM. 

Last week 5Bob called Flash from the bedside of Veja’s son. While speaking to him over the phone 5Bob pulled the oxygen mask from the boy’s face and suffocated him with a pillow. Flash rushed to the hospital, but arrived too late.

A livid Flash set out to search for 5Bob and saw him walking in the street. 5Bob ran away hiding between the houses. Just as he thought he made a safe getaway, he walked right into the police waiting for him on the other side. He quickly got into the police car and asked for just one favour – that they’ll keep him safe and protected.  

Tonight, Flash visits 5Bob at the police station, but Irvin also arrives and a shootout ensues.

Who will make it out alive?

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