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Damon left Yvonne with a hefty price to pay

Lwazi Mluma |
13 February 2017

Not only did Damon leave Yvonne with a broken heart, but he also left her with a scandalous reputation and a hefty bill. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Poor Yvonne! The love of her life has just fled and the police comes looking for answers. She’s angry that they’ve ruined her wedding day and made her the talk of the town.

If Yvonne doesn’t want to co-operate, Lerumo threatens to charge her with helping a fugitive. And to top it all, the police tells her she can’t leave town.

Just as she’s done with Lerumo, Grace comes knocking at her door. She snaps at her, saying she doesn’t want her sympathy. But as much as Grace is sympathetic, she’s there to hand Yvonne the rest of the bill that Damon left without paying.

Grace tells Yvonne that she’s responsible for the facials, massages, pedi’s, mani’s and the room service she has signed for. She gives her few days to settle it.

Damon has run away and Neo has written Yvonne off. Who will she run to?

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