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Will Mark kill Thembi?

21 February 2017

Tonight things reach boiling point between Mark and Thembi. Watch Heist, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

Last week Thembi went to the police for help after 5Bob kidnapped her son, Thato, and told them everything she knew about Merci.

The police then went searching for 5Bob and Thato. And in the nick of time, just as 5Bob was about to kill Thato, Junior stormed into the shack and shot him! Tjo

The police also found and arrested Mark and Merci for being part of the gang who stole R10 million during a heist at the Justin Bieber concert.

Tonight, a mysterious person bails Mark and Merci out. And just as Thembi makes arrangements for her and Thato to leave town with Keith, Mark gets home and he’s not happy.

Will Mark let Thembi go?

Tune in tonight at 9:30PM to find out. #etvHeist