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Thembi is dead

28 February 2017

The police discover Thembi’s body. Don’t miss the second last episode of Heist, Tuesday at 9:30PM.

Last week Thembi told Mark she’s planning on leaving town with their son, Thato, and her friend, Keith. But Mark was having none of it and during their heated argument, he choked Thembi to death! Tjo, we didn’t see this one coming.

Tonight, the police are trying to figure out who murdered Thembi. Was it Mark? Or Merci?

Back at the police station, the captain and Junior are trying to come to grips with all the murders that took place. They decide to build a case against Irvin and bring him down once and for all!

But can they get to him? Seeing that he knows people in high places like the police commissioner.

Meanwhile, Mark arrives at Merci’s house and tells her to pack her bags and disappear with him. He also tells her that he found the rest of the heist money. But after hearing this, Merci feels Mark betrayed her because he had the money all along.

She demands that she get her cut. Will Mark agree?

Tune in to Heist at 9:30PM to find out. And don’t miss the finale next week Tuesday, 7 March at 9:30PM.