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This week on Gold Diggers

27 March 2017

Big Boy vows to help Jill, Zakes receives shocking news and Reverend Moloi tries to woo Ruth. Gold Diggers, weekdays at 8PM.

Credo puts a hit out on Jill. Reverend Moloi’s attempts to woo Ruth are hopeless. Dimpho comes up with a new plan of action.

Credo orders Lucky to deal with Parrish. Dikeledi offers Rev. Moloi advice that gives him hope. Butler warns Jill of her vendetta. Credo and Lucky get into a heated argument. Big Boy vows to help Jill.

Jill and Big Boy put their plan into motion. Zakes makes a plea to Jill, which falls on deaf ears. Things then take a turn for the worst for Jill.

This is what happened last week on Gold Diggers.

Big Boy is captured by a close family member. Credo uses May to set up the family. May has a change of heart and helps the family through a desperate time.

Dimpho declares her love for Lucky. Zakes receives shocking news. Rev Moloi helps the Gumede family in their time of need.

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