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Gold Diggers comes to an end

6 April 2017

After two riveting seasons, Gold Diggers comes to an end this Friday, 7 April at 8PM. 

We met the characters of Gold Diggers back in 2015 and we fell in love with them instantly.

We admired Patrick for being a hard working patriarch who would do anything for his family. We laughed every time May and Ruth got into a screaming match and we couldn’t get enough of Big Boy and Nandipha’s love.

Everything changed in the second season. The family moved from the homestead to Soweto, May and Ruth were forced to support each other and Big Boy and Nandipha broke up. We found out that May’s long lost son, Credo was alive and thriving as a kingpin in Soweto.

All of a sudden, the Gumedes were embroiled in a life of crime, violence and deceit. We met Jill, Gavin, Butler, Parrish, Dikeledi, Dimpho, Reverend Moloi and Zakes who shook things up in big way!

Now that the series is heading towards a finale, our minds are filled with questions.

Will the Gumedes ever go back to the homestead?

Is it truly over between Nandipha and Big Boy?

And will Zakes get his revenge?

All will be answered during #GoldDiggersFinale on Friday 7 April at 8PM. We can’t wait!

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