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5 Epic moments from the #GoldDiggersFinale

Nandipha Pantsi |
13 April 2017

The Gold Diggers series finale was everything and more!

Here are our top 5 five moments.

1. Zakes kills Titus

In the heated battle between the two kingpins, it was clear that one of them was not going to make it out alive. We just didn’t expect it to be Titus!


2. Dimpho takes back her power

Our favourite street smart kasi girl, has been called every slur you can think of. From “blessee” to “prostitute” to “slut” but she didn’t let those words define her. Her heartfelt speech still has us in tears.


3. The Gumedes finally go back home

After a terrible time in Soweto, the Gumedes finally go back to the homestead. The joy in their faces was just priceless! To add the cherry on top Reverend Moloi and Emily also followed the Gumedes to homestead, so Ruth finally gets her happily ever after. Nandipha left the twins with Big Boy and went back to Zimbabwe.

4. Lucky becomes the new kingpin

Yho! We did not this one coming. Lucky refused to go back to life in the homestead. He wants to use everything he’s used from Titus to become the new kingpin. 

5. May follows her dreams

There’s a reason why Tina Jaxa won Best Actress in a TV Soap at the South African Film and Television Awards this year. She’s a fantastic actress! This scene is still giving us goose bumps. 

We’re definitely going to miss the Gumedes!

What was your favourite moment from the #GoldDiggersFinale?