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The penultimate episode of Z’bondiwe: The Chase

28 August 2017

Roxanne is inside The Landlord’s house on the second last episode of Z’bondiwe: The Chase.

This week it’s clear to see that the finale is going to be smoking hot!

Roxanne hides in Ntando’s boot as he and Yandisa go to Melusi’s place for lunch.

Remember, Melusi aka The Landlord, is Yandisa’s estranged father. And Roxanne ordered Ntando to get closer to her so that they could get closer to Melusi because he’s the one holding Roxanne’s baby hostage.

Just as Melusi is about to enjoy lunch with his daughter, Roxanne pulls a gun on him in his own home.

Meanwhile, Myekeni is on his way to Melusi’s house too.

We smell a showdown!

Don’t miss the second last episode of Z’bondiwe: The Chase this Tuesday, 29 August at 9:30PM.

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