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#Zbondiwe: Memorable Moments

29 August 2017

We take a trip down memory lane before saying goodbye to our favourite local crime drama.

Z’bondiwe: The Chase comes to an end on Tuesday, 5 September at 9:30PM with an explosive grand finale.

But before we can say goodbye, we need to recount our favourite Z’bondiwe moments:

When Roxanne’s mother took a bullet for her

The way this scene still gets us in our feelings! In the ultimate show of love, Roxanne’s mother literally took a bullet for her. Unfortunately, it meant that Roxanne lost her mother on her wedding day.

When Killer shot his wife

Yoh! We knew this man was ruthless, but his wife was such a ride-or-die we thought he’d at least have a soft spot for her. But when she was about to attack Roxanne, he shot and killed her instead. Ouch! Talk about betrayal.

And of course, when Roxanne shot Killer

Probably the most iconic Z’bondiwe scene. Just as Killer was about to shoot Ntando – Killer got shot instead. The shooter? Roxanne! Yaaas for brave, strong women who can take care of themselves! And just like that Z’bondiwe became a beacon of feminism for local TV.

We’re sure the series finale has even more iconic, memorable TV moments in store for us.

So don’t miss the finale of Z’bondiwe: The Chase on Tuesday, 5 September at 9:30PM.

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