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#etvTheFixer: Olivia meets a handsome new guy

4 September 2017

Olivia meets a good-looking guy, Jake Ballard, but is he too good to be true? The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM.

Tonight, we fast forward in time – it’s been 10 months since Fitz broke up with Olivia at Verna’s funeral after he found out about the conspiracy that landed him in the White House.

Liv is putting all her energy into her firm Pope & Associates, while Fitz is drinking more than usual.

When Olivia meets up with Cyrus, he tells her that Fitz is shutting him out. Liv says she thinks Fitz knows about Defiance and what they did.

Although Cyrus is not convinced he confides in Mellie who in turn runs to Fitz and does the unthinkable!

While at a coffee shop, an attractive guy accidentally knocks Liv’s phone out of her hand. Turns out he’s captain Jake Ballard.

That same day Olivia visits him at his office - but on official business as David Rosen desperately needs the Gladiators’ help after he discovered a woman dead in his bed.

Thing is, David doesn’t know what happened and how Wendy got killed. Can the Gladiators come through for David and find out who killed Wendy?

Then just as we were wondering if Fitz and Live will ever see each other again – they attend the christening of Cyrus and James’ child with Fitz the godfather and Liv the godmother.

After the ceremony, Liv can’t stand being in the same room as Fitz and leaves, but Fitz follows her.

Guess you’ll have to tune in to see what happens next!

Watch the trailer below:

Catch The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM. #etvTheFixer