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5 Things we’ll miss about Z’bondiwe

5 September 2017

Z’bondiwe comes to an end on Tuesday, 5 September at 9:30PM and here’s what we’ll miss most about the explosive crime series. #ZbondiweFinale

We’re deep in our feelings here at e.tv as we prepare to say farewell to one of the most watched crime series in SA.

Z’bondiwe is in its third and final season and we’ve come to love the show and characters quite a bit.

But these are the things we’ll miss most about the crime drama:

1. The song

YHO! When that opening sequence begins we’re already getting Goosebumps. Can’t believe we’ll never hear it before the show again. But, you can download it as a track here!

2. Killer’s smile

We didn’t imagine ever being sad to see Killer leave us. But this is one villain that seemed to have crept under many viewers’ skin and we’ll miss the bad boy with the cute smile, shem.

3. Seeing strong women

Guys, this series really showed us power hey! Roxanne, Dikki and Hilda gave us true girl boss goals. And even though their actions were sometimes questionable, and illegal, they showed us that women can be complex, powerful creatures and we will always carry that with us.

4. Ntando!

Do we even need to explain this one though? Not only was he eye candy for the ladies, he showed the guys how to be a true gentleman even in the face of such terrifying adversity. He always put Roxanne first and did whatever it took to protect her and the baby. We also admire how he handled himself with Yandisa, only going in for the kill because Roxanne asked him to.

5. And finally, obviously, Roxanne.

The real hero of the show, the beautiful, talented, powerhouse that is Roxanne Mabatha. How could we ever find a replacement for that smile, those endearing eyes and that dreamy voice? Not only was Roxanne stunning to watch, she was a good role model for women across the country. Always poised, and keeping it classy she showed us what it meant to be a fierce, independent woman and mother who is not afraid to take matters into her own hands. And we’ll always be grateful to the character.

Watch Z’bondiwe for the last time ever on Tuesday, 5 September at 9:30PM.

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