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#etvTheFixer: Did Fitz get Jake to watch Olivia?

11 September 2017

It sure looks like it, but we’re still not sure why he’s doing it. The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM.

Tonight Jake visits Fitz at the Oval office and reports back to him. When Fitz asks him how Olivia is doing, we couldn’t help to see the smile on his face, as if he’s missing her.

Jake tells him Olivia spends most of her time working, watches the news a lot and doesn’t spend enough time sleeping and that she’s unhappy.

We also learn that at first Fitz just wanted pictures of her taken, but then requested that video cameras be installed in Liv’s apartment so that Jake could watch her.

When Jake asks Fitz why he did that, he tells him that he has his reasons and that Olivia is not a good person.

Why is Fitz doing this? Does he want to make sure Olivia is okay even if they are not together?

Or is he still angry at her about Defiance and wants to get back at her?

Watch the trailer below:

You’ll have to keep on watching The Fixer every Monday at 8:30PM to find out! #etvTheFixer