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#etvTheFixer: Olivia & Cyrus have a falling-out

18 September 2017

Olivia Pope finds herself in the middle of a media storm which leads to her and Cyrus having a disagreement. The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM.

Tonight Fitz’s pick for Supreme Court Justice, Murray Randall, is caught in a torrid affair with Olivia’s new client, high-powered CEO Sarah Stanner.

The alleged affair happened 15 years ago when Randall was Stanner’s professor at Harvard.

The news of the alleged affair leaves Stanner, her husband and two children devastated. However, Stanner’s lawyer tells her she’s sending someone by the name of Olivia Pope to help her restore her reputation.

Cyrus then calls Olivia to ask if she’s handling the case and asks her to shut this whole media circus down and have Stanner deny the affair as Randall is a judicial genius and deserves to sit on the bench of the highest court.

But the thing is Stanner is Olivia’s client, not Randall, and Liv will do everything in her power to protect her client.

When Liv meets with Stanner she tells her that everything the media is saying about her is true. She did have an affair with Randall and there are emails that serve as evidence.  

Olivia then advises Sarah to come clean publically.

This, however, ticks Cyrus off and he vows to fight back!

Could this spell the end for Olivia and Cyrus’ relationship?

Watch the trailer below:

Tune in at 8:30PM to find out. #etvTheFixer