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#etvTheFixer: Mellie gives Fitz an ultimatum

16 October 2017

She tells Fitz she’s leaving him and threatens to go public with his affair if he doesn’t come to his senses. The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM. 

Things are really heating up on The Fixer between Olivia, Fitz, Mellie and poor old Cyrus who has to put out fires everywhere!

Last week, Fitz finally went home for the first time after Olivia was released from the hospital. But just as he walked in, he saw that Mellie’s bags were packed. 

Puzzled that he didn’t know she had a trip scheduled, Mellie informed Fitz that she’s taking their baby, Teddy, and moving into the President’s Guest House.

Tonight, Mellie gives Fitz an ultimatum! She gives Fitz 36 hours to ask her for forgiveness for everything he has done so far and he must recommit himself to his wife and their children. If he doesn’t, she’ll go live on national television and tell the country how he has cheated on her.

What will Fitz do?

Watch the trailer below:

Tune in at 8:30PM to find out. #etvTheFixer