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It’s almost time to say goodbye to Harvest

Lwazi Mluma |
18 October 2017

We only have one episode left of our favourite drama series. But where did it all start? Harvest series finale, Monday 23 October at 9:30PM.

Well, it started when Richard came back from prison in search of revenge. It turned out he was betrayed by the widow’s husband who sent him to prison and stole the marijuana farm they had built together.

Soon, death was the order of the series as Richard wanted back what he claimed belonged to him. He started by poisoning Zimba who was married to Clementine, Mandla who was married to Celia and Mxolisi who was married to Tshepiso.

With them out of his way, Richard wanted the farm back and brought Lizzy in to help him. Remember, Lizzy wanted to get back at Celia for sending her mother to prison.

Then more murders followed as Lizzy and Richard were set on revenge. Lizzy murdered Andile; Celia killed Kenny and when Richard felt betrayed by Lizzy, he strangled her to death.

But the most shocking death was when Litha accidentally shot himself.

Just when Celia thought she and Richard would live happily ever after, he died on their wedding night from the crocodile bile she fed him when they were still enemies.

Lindiwe was the only one left who still wanted revenge. He managed to get the company from the widows and ratted them to the Special Tactics Unit.

Mzwandile, Funeka and Duma got arrested and the widows fled. But, have they got away?

Catch the series finale on Monday, 23 October at 9:30PM to get all the answers.