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#etvTheFixer: A scandal hits the White House

22 October 2017

Don’t miss the penultimate episode of The Fixer tonight at 8:30PM. 

We can’t believe that the second season of our favourite series is almost coming to an end. Tune in for the finale on Monday, 30 October at 8:30PM.

Last week Mellie threatened to go public with Fitz and Olivia’s affair if he didn’t come to his senses and recommit himself to his wife and children.

Just when we thought Fitz was running back to Mellie, he went to Olivia, the love of his life, and told her he chooses her! Wasn’t that the sweetest thing ever, we were all jelly this side!

He then went on to spend the night with Olivia, and we all know how that went down.

Mellie, who thought that Fitz would try to persuade her not to go ahead with her planned interview, realised he wasn’t coming to ask for her forgiveness and went on national television where she admitted that Fitz was unfaithful. Although she didn’t mention Olivia’s name. Phew!

Tonight a media frenzy hits the White House after Mellie’s revelation that the President of the United States was having an affair. Poor Cyrus to the rescue.  

Mellie appoints her own Fixer to handle her business, while Fitz plans on addressing the nation.

What will he say?

Watch the trailer below:

Tune in at 8:30PM to find out. Don’t miss the finale of The Fixer on Monday, 30 October at 8:30PM. #etvTheFixer