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Fans react to #HarvestFinale

Lwazi Mluma |
25 October 2017

The Harvest series finale was so epic and fans had some emotional reactions to it.

What a satisfying finale! The widows managed to infiltrate the factory and got Lindiwe to confess. Pierre, the nyaope dealer, was killed while Funeka and Mzwandile were released from jail.

The biggest lesson we’ve taken from Harvest is that nothing is ever as it seems, and there are no heroes, only villains in the world of crime.

Last night Twitter couldn’t help but get in their feelings about the series finale.

Some gave the greatest accolades to Portia Gumede, the showrunner.

While others believe their Monday nights will never be the same again.

Many are already wishing there was a second season.

The cast and the crew are so grateful for the support they received from our viewers.

If you missed the last episode, you can catch it on eExtra on Wednesday at 8:30PM.