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#etvTheFixer season finale

29 October 2017

The Defiance conspirators meet, Fitz informs Mellie how she will exit the White House, and Olivia gets exposed as the president’s mistress! Tune in at 8:30PM.

Tonight Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, and Hollis are discussing what to do with Billy Chambers after it became known that he intends to use the Cytron card to prove election fraud.

Turns out, David stole the card from Olivia’s safe and is in cahoots with Billy. But David doesn’t want to give the Cytron card up. Why is he holding onto it?

While visiting Cyrus in hospital after he suffered a heart attack, Fitz informs Mellie how he plans on leaving her to be with Olivia. Ouch!

But in a twist of events, Olivia finds out that Fitz murdered Verna Thornton, and Fitz watches the DVD of Olivia sleeping with Jake.  

Can their relationship survive this?

And to top it all, the media finds out that Olivia had an affair with the president!

Watch the trailer below:

You do not want to miss the season finale of The Fixer tonight at 8:30PM! #etvTheFixer