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#ChicagoPD season 3: Inside episode 1

16 January 2018

A detective is abducted by a heroin kingpin in the season 3 premiere. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Antonio rushes to save a girl from committing suicide after she found out that her boyfriend, Benji, is cheating on her. The Intelligence Unit then raids Benji’s house and takes him in for questioning.

At the station, Voight tells Benji that they aren’t after him, but wants to track down his brother, Derek, a gangster and heroin kingpin. Voight also tells Benji that if he can take them to Derek they’ll let him walk.

Benji agrees and arranges a meeting with Derek, but things go horribly wrong and one of the detectives get abducted, while Benji ends up with a bullet in his head.

Can Voight and the team locate Derek and find the detective?

Meanwhile, Olinsky is struggling with problems of his own after Platt informs him that a woman named Michelle keeps on calling the station from a juvenile detention center looking for him.

Will Olinsky do the brave thing and meet with his daughter?

Don’t miss the first episode of Chicago P.D. season 3 tonight at 8:30PM.