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#ChicagoPD: Detective Erin Lindsay is back!

23 January 2018

After proving to Voight why she needs to be on the team, Lindsay gets her badge back. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Last week Halstead was kidnapped after a deal with a heroin kingpin went wrong. But Lindsay was the one to save the day after she put herself at risk and single-handedly managed to get Halstead back.

But getting her job back didn’t come without conditions. Voight made it clear that Lindsay has to live with him, she has to take weekly drug tests and has to break all ties with her mother, Bonnie.

How will Lindsay break the news to her mother, and how will Bonnie react?

Tonight, while chasing a gangbanger Burgess and Roman find the body of an eight year old boy who was reported missing, inside a refrigerator.

The intelligence unit pursues the case but no one in the neighbourhood seems to have heard anything.

However, when another boy goes missing from the same street, Voight and his team put the clues together.

Can the unit find the missing boy in time?

You do not want to miss tonight’s episode at 8:30PM! #ChicagoPD