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#ChicagoPD: James Beckett wants revenge

5 February 2018

After James Beckett is released from prison, he wants to get back at the people who put him there in the first place. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Last week Voight was on his way to dinner with his son and his family. Just as he was about to unlock his car’s door, Voight heard a buzzing sound and next thing his car blew up into pieces. Luckily no one was injured.

Tonight, a furious Voight informs the Intelligence Unit that they are pursuing Beckett, a triple homicide criminal which he and Olinsky put away 15 years ago.

But when they find Beckett, he tells Voight and Olinsky he knows they stole $1 million from him after he was put in jail. Voight doesn’t know what money Beckett is talking about, but Beckett is adamant and says if Voight didn’t take it then it was Olinsky. Say what!

This causes some tension between Voight and Olinsky.

Meanwhile, Beckett’s lawyer rocks up at the police station and demands that his client be released as he can vouch for his whereabouts when the car bombing happened.

If Beckett’s lawyer is telling the truth, then who’s responsible for almost killing Voight?

And will Olinsky come clean if he took Beckett’s money?

All will be revealed tonight on Chicago P.D., at 8:30PM. #ChicagoPD