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Easy Money: The end is near

Lwazi Mluma |
26 February 2018

We’re nearing the series finale and it promises to be bloody. Easy Money, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

It all started smoothly and people were making hundreds of thousands from Pharaoh Investments.

But things got a little shaky when Johanna wasn’t making enough money from the scheme. This drove her to suicide as she couldn’t pay back the money she took from her stokvel.

Trust and ties were broken when Justice found out Khosi was cheating on her with Leano. Leano was also sleeping with Dipuo. This drove a big wedge between Dipuo and Khosi.

Things got chaotic as Khosi reported the scheme to the FCU. Pharaoh Investments closed shop and people were left broke and angry.

Mr. Eddy set for revenge as he wanted Khosi dead.

Khosi, Leano and Dipuo formed a coalition as they planned to destroy the Ruthless Mr. Eddy. In the Process, Leano got shot and Khosi managed to tie down Mr. Eddy.

Tonight, Khosi goes rogue in dealing with Mr. Eddy, while Justice and Moagi search for her.

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