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This week on Broken Vows

4 March 2018

Thandi is asked out on a date, Lulu does a drastic turnaround and Chris reaslises that he’ll never make progress with Brandon. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM on eExtra.

Lulu and Thandi reconnect. Ace gets hold of Mlungisi's number via Dudu and uses it for his own benefit.

Lulu's world is rocked as someone important comes back into her life - with some news. Caiphus' old friend Mlungisi arrives to help Thandi. Brandon is terrified to find that Chris has discharged himself from hospital. Dudu makes a move that could see her hurt her cousin in the worst way.

Lulu lies to Thandi about her planned meeting with someone. Chris realises he'll never make progress with Brandon. Lydia is still getting signs from Caiphus and needs help to work out what he's trying to tell them. Meanwhile, Lulu makes a drastic turnaround and asks for Thandi's help – but will help be forthcoming?

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Thandi steals something, while Dudu pays a price for her secret. Lulu grapples with her insecurities regarding the fashion competition. Chris and Brandon find healing together and Lydia gets her first break in the investigation.

Thandi is asked out on a date, while Lydia pursues the link between Caiphus and Jakalaas. Brandon's behaviour unsettles Irene. The results of the fashion show are announced - did Lulu make it to the final three?

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