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This week on Broken Vows

11 March 2018

Chris must face a painful truth about Brandon, Lydia asks Thandi for help and Lulu is frustrated with Chulu. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM on eExtra.

Thandi shows Lulu the picture she found in Chulu's house which she believes is of Chulu's ex-girlfriend thereby sending Lulu into a tailspin. Dudu and Uhuru's personal issues threaten their budding romance whereas Lydia has to get over her own feelings to get help in her investigation. Ace reneges on a deal and Chris finds out that his mother is missing.

Chris makes another disturbing discovery about Brandon as he searches for Irene who has gone missing. Sammy Sabelo has a surprise for Dudu and it's unclear if she'll be able to handle this without Uhuru.

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Lulu is frustrated when Chulu blows hot and cold and Damian tries to open her eyes to a painful truth about him. But is she ready to see it?

Lydia asks Thandi to help her track down the men in the sangoma's vision. Uhuru remembers his past with Thandi as he helps Dudu with her recording contract.

Thandi and Lulu's friendship reaches breaking point over Chulu and an act of defiance has dire consequences. Dudu mistakenly takes something that doesn't belong to her. Chris must face a painful truth about his son.

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