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This week on Broken Vows

19 March 2018

Lulu refuses to open a case of assault against Chulu, Thandi fights with Uhuru and Ace gets a nasty surprise. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM on eExtra.


Thandi and Lydia are shocked to discover more secrets and clues related to Caiphus' murder. As Thandi finalises the auction of YTWC, Ace gets wind Thandi is up to something.


Lydia's search for more information about what happened to Caiphus is not fruitful. Lulu disregards Damian's advice to open a case of assault against Chulu. Ace learns that Yours Truly is about to be auctioned off. Thandi fights with Uhuru over Dudu wearing her bracelet.

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Ace sets up a nasty surprise for Charmaine and Thandi at the auction. Damian goes behind Lulu's back to find out the truth about Chulu. Dudu confronts Uhuru for giving her Thandi's bracelet and makes him realise some uncomfortable truths. And what is it that makes Mlungisi so uneasy around Thandi?


Chulu's new form of psychological torture hits Lulu where it really hurts. Dudu and Sisanda try to help Uhuru and Thandi find their way back to each other. Anonymous invites lead to a mysterious meeting with a surprise host.


The past has a way of catching up with one. Despite all her efforts, Thandi still finds herself stinted by her emotions. Lydia's dream gives her the key to unravel a big mystery and Chulu gets what is coming to him after beating Lulu.  

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