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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

28 June 2018
Ngcolosi, Pranav and Zakithi

Ngcolosi and Pranav return and Zakithi resigns from Maluju Oil. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

Ngcolosi returns and accuses his family of not standing together and causing chaos at Maluju. The returning Pranav is proud of Shria’s actions as acting CEO. Phakade asks Zakithi for advice on Futhi’s scholarship and the merits and disadvantages of living overseas. Macingwane again warns Phakade to right the wrongs or the Bhengu’s will continue to suffer. Nomusa and Lindiwe battle to gain Zenzele’s attention and affections.

Zakithi considers leaving for overseas again. Ngcolosi is left with a dilemma, as he tries to accommodate Nganono and Zakithi at Maluju. Despite being hailed a savior, Shria is asked to step down. ThuSheleni challenges Zenzele in a duel to reclaim his honour. Futhi struggles with her decision about leaving KwaZulu-Natal.

Ngcolosi has set new terms for Zakithi’s employment. Buhle is mortified by Zenzele’s presence and wants to leave Emsamo. Concurrently, Nomusa urges Lindiwe to stop her pursuit of Zenzele, but Lindiwe is certain she’ll bag him. NaMadonsela prays to God to let her daughter stay. And MaNdlovu implores Ngcolosi to let Zakithi go.

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Zakithi challenges Ngcolosi, suggesting his new terms are designed to pander to Nganono’s ego. Ngcolosi rebuffs him, suggesting Zakithi doesn’t care about her family. At Emsamo: Shria learns Nganono is making a play for COO, and she is behind the curve. Zenzele’s attempts to woo Buhle end terribly. In Umbumbulu, Phakade confesses to MaNdlovu that Macingwane knows their secret, and he was the one who told him. 

Zakithi hands in her resignation but announces she won’t be leaving town. Nganono reveals to his father a highly lucrative deal he has set up for Maluju - and in return he wants to be made COO.

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