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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

4 July 2018
Buhle and Zakithi

Buhle and Zenzele are official and Zakithi puts her sister’s new boyfriend to the test. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

After trying to win Buhle over, Zenzele offers her a Virgin African sunrise, which finally seals the deal. Lindiwe pulls out all the stops and serenades Zenzele for his birthday. And Shria desperately tries to salvage her relationship with Nganono, but with disastrous consequences.

Thu Sheleni cooks a romantic meal for Nomusa. They enjoy each other’s company but things become serious when Nomusa confides in Thu Sheleni about her alcoholic mother. Thu Sheleni, in turn, is reluctant to divulge anything about his family.

Buhle and Zenzele finally kiss, while Lindiwe and Nomusa start to do some digging about him, and make some surprising discoveries. Phunyuka and MaNdlovu are startled to see Macingwane in church.

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A sinister stranger attempts to intimidate Zenzele into settling a debt owed to him. Lindiwe and Nomusa debate how best to proceed with the information they’ve discovered about him. MaNdlovu instructs Phunyuka to ‘deal with’ the Macingwane problem.

Phunyuka warns Macingwane to stay away from the Bhengus. Also, Zakhiti ‘thirst tests’ Zenzele as Buhle listens over the phone.

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