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Mapula opens up to Mam Blossom

16 July 2018

After weeks of covering up for Melusi, Mapula finally opens up about her abuse. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Poor Mapula. She’s been through the most these last couple of weeks. When she met Melusi, she thought he was the perfect guy, but it wasn’t long before he started abusing her physically and emotionally.  When she finally decided to dump him, he posted all of her nudes on social media.

Angry and embarrassed, Mapula has been spending the last few days at home, crying! Until Mam Blossom came to visit her, Mapula finally told her everything about Melusi.

We loved seeing Mam Blossom comforting Mapula and giving her support.

It looks like Mapula is finally on the road to healing from this terrible ordeal.

And hopefully, Melusi gets the punishment he deserves.

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