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How to leave your job 'the Dambisa way'

Lwazi Mluma |
20 July 2018

After being unfairly dismissed by the Langas, Dambisa left her job a broken and bitter soul. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Poor Dambisa! She has devoted her life to selflessly serve the Langas for so many years. She left her child to raise theirs, and on numerous occasions when the Langas were in need, Dambisa left her sickly mother to take care of them.  

But it only took one moment of mistrust for the Langas to fire Dambisa for something she didn’t even do. They forgot about her loyalty, hard work and all the years she has generously served them.

Feeling bitter and betrayed, this is how Dambisa showed us how to leave our unappreciative employers with a bang:

Give your boss a piece of your mind

When Boniswa tried to justify how things shouldn’t have gone this way, Ma’Maduna didn’t mince her words as she told her where to get off!

Basically, she told her she regrets the days she put Boniswa’s family before hers.

If you’ve ever thought of their children as yours, deny them

Romeo tried to use reverse psychology by using Dambisa’s love for Xolile. But, a bitter Dambisa told him that she isn’t Xolile’s mother, and she can’t protect her.

By the looks of things, she couldn’t care less if Xolile was dead!

Make a deal with the devil

Dambisa has always been partially against Mthunzi’s revenge towards the Langas. Before she left for Bisho, she encouraged him to go for everything the Langas have. She even told him to take Xolile’s heart and break it into a million pieces.

Now, that, ladies and gents is how you exit your job when you’ve been unfairly dismissed!

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