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Bra Kop has a plan to get his title deed

23 July 2018

After getting some advice from Jafta, Bra Kop knows exactly what he needs to do to get the title deed to his house. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

When Fats heard that Bra Kop’s house was technically still under his name, he started getting all sorts of funny ideas. He started taking measurements of the house and even spoke of extending it.

But Bra Kop was not happy with this. He came up with a plan to get rid of Fats once and for all and get his name on the title deed. Bra Kop decided to withdraw all of his savings to pay Fats the remainder of the money he still owed him for the house.

Now Fats will have no choice but to sign the house over to Bra Kop – who has paid for it in full.

Do you think this will work, or will Fats find a way to hold on to the title deed?

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- © Nandipha Pantsi