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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

25 July 2018
Imbewu: The Seed

Ngcolosi and Zithulele have a huge fallout which sees Zithulele move in with Phakade and Buhle loses her virginity. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

Buhle confronts Zenzele about the truth of his criminal past. Zithulele struggles with his decision to not work at Maluju. With Phakade’s tentative support he ultimately makes the decision, causing an even bigger rift between Zakhiti and Nganono. Nomusa decides to give a very troubled Thu Sheleni some space.

Buhle and Zenzele make love for the first time. Things erupt between Zithulele and Ngcolosi, with Zithulele questioning whether Ngcolosi is really his father. Zakithi catches Buhle sneaking inside. Finally, Zithulele seeks solace from Phakade.

Ngcolosi is tormented after his devastating fallout with Zithulele making him reflect on his relationship with his own father. Meanwhile, Buhle is upset by the family’s fallout. Thu Sheleni apologises to Nomusa, while receiving an apology from Nirupa, who will do anything to make sure they have a relationship. Zenzele is confronted by a sinister stranger.

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Zenzele convinces the sinister stranger to let the hostages go, but Buhle refuses to leave. A furious Ngcolosi rocks up at Phakade’s house to take Zithulele home, but Zithulele’s defiance leads to a heated standoff between Phakade and Ngcolosi. Zakithi informs Nganono of Zithulele’s whereabouts as a means to prove that she was capable of being Nganono’s ally.

MaNdlovu implores Ngcolosi not to leave Umbumbulu without having resolved his issues with Zithulele. She accuses Phakade of increasing the risk of their secret being exposed but Phakade insists on protecting Zithulele. MaZulu begs Ngcolosi to bring back her son. Maharaj gives Yuveer an ultimatum: live a straight life or be estranged from his family and cut off from his inheritance. Buhle is incredibly shaken after witnessing Zenzele’s violent side.

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