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Lerato won’t leave

6 August 2018

She’s finally back from Rustenburg, but nobody is happy to see her. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

When Lerato’s baby died a few weeks ago, she was inconsolable, so she decided to leave town to deal with her grief.

For Nomalanga and Bongi, this was a big relief seeing that Bongi was the one who switched Nomalanga’s sick baby with Lerato’s healthy baby while they were still in hospital.

Although Nomalanga’s baby died shortly after the switch, Bongi managed to convince her to raise Lerato’s baby as her own.  

And with Lerato out of town, it was easier to hide this secret.

But now she’s back and despite Nomalanga and Lungile’s efforts to convince her to go back to Rustenburg, she doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

How long will Nomalanga be able to keep this secret now that Lerato is in town?

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