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This week on Rhythm City

8 August 2018

Fats prepares to leave town for good, David wants revenge and Bash threatens Nomalanga. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Glow offers Fats a ticket out of the country. Nomalanga catches Lerato acting weirdly with Amahle and does something about it. David swears revenge.


Mangaliso has a terrible ultimatum for Mzi. David comes up with a scheme for avenging the Ndlovus. Fats prepares to leave town for good. Lerato is reduced to sleeping in her car.

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David asks Toolkit where his loyalties lie as he plans his next attack on the Ndlovus. Fats is sad to leave everything he knows behind.


Fats delays his departure to be with Lerato - who everyone thinks has made a suicide attempt. Bash tells Lerato the truth about her baby - but did she hear him?


Bash threatens Nomalanga and Fats wishes he could join Suffo in KZN. Pearl is at a crossroad with Mzi.

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