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5 Reasons why Thenjiwe is a problem

Bulelwa Hoala |
16 August 2018

Mthandazi has lied and schemed her way into Maluju Oil where her colleagues are now trying to get rid of her. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

Thenjiwe doesn’t know that the likes of Bangizwe have reported her to Zakithi for listing fake qualifications on her CV. This is how she brought trouble upon herself:

1. She doesn’t take no for an answer

Thenjiwe feet on couch

Thenjiwe visited Thando at the Rampersads and not only demanded water but also for Thando to recommend that she be employed to work with her as a cleaner. She then visited Celiwe at the Bhengu’s where she demanded a cup of tea and forced Buhle to draw up her CV. Thenjiwe then went to Maluju Oil and when Zethu tried to turn her away she wouldn’t budge and demanded to speak to a superior.

2. She convinced Zakithi to hire her

Thenjiwe and Zakithi

Everybody know that Zakithi is not a walk-over. She caused so much havoc when she was COO at Maluju Oil that a staff riot erupted. So when Zakithi took one look at Thenjiwe’s CV and decided to hire her on the spot due to her never say die attitude, we were surprised that she didn’t see her for who she really is.

3. She lied on her CV

Thenjiwe and Buhle

While visiting the Bhengu’s, Thenjiwe managed to convince Buhle to help her draft a CV. When Buhle asked for her information, she refused to divulge her address but instead instructed Buhle to type that she has an IT degree, diploma and matric and that she must list them in that order. It turns out she doesn’t even know how to use a computer.

4. She knows everybody’s business

Thenjiwe gossip

Being a “prayer warrior” has come in handy for Thenjiwe because she knows everybody’s business in Umlazi. She’s been blackmailing staff into doing her work for her and when a colleague told her she’s not allowed to promote her business at work, she called her out for dating two brothers at the same time. Tjo!

5. She has a side hustle as a prayer warrior

Thenjiwe pamphlets

This is the reason why Thenjiwe is also known as Mthandazi. She also refers to herself as the “calculator” because there’s nothing she can’t solve. Now Thenjiwe has forced Zethu to hand out pamphlets advertising her business at reception.

Will Zakithi fire Thenjiwe?

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