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11 September 2018

Ndumiso is spared one crisis, Lindiwe is sent an intriguing but controversial gift and Yvonne presumes Timothy needs help.  Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.


Ndumiso tries to dribble Dintle but will she buy it?  When a disagreement between Omphile and Mlungisi rages, he tries and administer a dose of tough love.  Just when Timothy thinks he has everything under control, Yvonne presumes he still needs her help.  Gloria meets her match in Phindile.


A novice criminal is unaware that he is about to be brought down from three different sides. A desperate young girl asks her sister to do something illegal to help her. Guinevere is shocked to discover the truth about her son's girlfriend. 


Dintle looks to steal something from someone she knows but then she's held up at gunpoint. Layla's elaborate deception with a friend continues to have unforeseen consequences. Omphile confides in someone close to the Ngema family and reveals the real reason why she ran away.

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Ndumiso is spared one crisis, only to confront another.  Lindiwe is sent an intriguing but controversial gift.  Timothy's mother tries to take control of his love life.


Ndumiso desperately tries to find out what happened to his stock before he has to pay the price for it.  Omphile's short-term future is decided.  Timothy finds himself on an awkward date with two women and his mother.

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