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Every woman wants a piece of Timmy

Lwazi Mluma |
21 September 2018

All Timmy wanted was one pretend girlfriend to impress his overbearing mother, but he got more than he bargained for. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

It started as a game. Timothy only wanted a pretend girlfriend who will match up to his mother’s expectations.

He approached Layla who approached Hlengiwe and Ingrid. Unfortunately, they both turned down the offer. Timmy only wanted Layla to be his pretend girlfriend, but she wasn’t feeling it.

But his luck turned around, and Layla eventually agreed to play along. Soon, a jealous Yvonne joined in an attempt to impress his mother.

But, Mrs. Jones wasn’t happy with Layla’s age, and she certainly wasn’t impressed by the fact that Yvonne is a divorcee and a widow.

Just when Mrs. Jones thought she had seen it all, Hlengiwe popped into the picture to play Timmy’s ‘girlfriend’ number three. When grace heard about the saga, she wasn’t impressed that Timmy didn’t choose her.

Moreover, Twitter is also gushing over Timmy.

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