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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

4 October 2018
Pranav and Ngcolosi

Ngcolosi apologises to his family, Pranav spends time with another woman and Zethu is pregnant. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


In a shocking turn, the DNA test result prove to be a match. Zithulele is Ngcolosi’s son. Ngcolosi believes he has wrongly accused Mazulu of cheating, and begs for forgiveness. But as Zithulele reveals, the test didn’t consider the fact that Ngcolosi and Phakade are brothers. A more specific test in future might still reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Pranav continues to act differently at home. Nirupa fears he is changing into someone else. Finally, the war between Phakade and Phunyuka takes its toll on the church.


Ngcolosi tries to mend fences with his family, first with Zithulele and Nganono and, later, in a passionate reunion with MaZulu. Pranav receives a warm welcome back to Maluju, but finds it impossible to re-acclimate. He leaves early to go to Emsamo, where he bumps into Aditi’s friend, Melissa... Tensions between Phakade and Phunyuka escalate, and Khanyo considers fleeing. MaNdlovu tries to strong-arm Phunyuka but he threatens her with his knowledge of the big secret.


Ngcolosi and MaZulu reconnect but she feels guilty about it. Pranav continues to push his family away and ditches work to spend time with Melissa, much to Nirupa’s concern. Ngcolosi tries to play the peacemaker between Phunyuka and Phakade but Phunyuka tells him to mind his own business! Nomsa urges Khanyo to stand up and fight what she believes in. Zethu reveals that she’s pregnant.

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Nganono struggles to process the news of Zethu’s pregnancy. He keeps the revelation to himself and avoids talking further to Zethu about it. But Bongi discovers Zethu’s condition and Zethu swears her to secrecy. Phunyuka brings church protesters to Khanyo’s singing gig and causes a confrontation but Khanyo stands up to him. Phunyuka wants Khanyo formally dismissed as trainee minister and church leader. Nirupa implores Ngcolosi to chat with Pranav about his uncharacteristic behavior. Pranav seems to have developed an obsession for Melissa.


After seeing a shongololo and receiving the letter from Phunyuka, a horrified Phakade pays MaKhumalo a visit seeking answers. Meanwhile, Phunyuka plays Zethu like a guitar and tries to get her on board to stand with him against the Bhengu but Zethu isn’t game. Phakade sits down with MaNdlovu and his family to find a way around the Phunyuka issue though MaNdlovu is livid, Khanyo asks the family to stand aside and not fight Phunyuka. When she finally gets him to sit down and talk to her, Zethu is shattered by what Nganono asks.

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