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#DeviousMaids: The deadly finale

8 October 2018

The killer behind the string of murders is finally revealed. Watch #DeviousMaids season 3 finale tonight at 8:30PM.

The sizzling deadly finale of Devious Maids, will leave your jaws on the floor and give you more reasons to look forward to the new season.


The finale has a lot of intrigue, suspense and drama. So here’s a sneak peek:

The man behind the string of murders is revealed. But will justice be served after all? That remains to be seen as the killer is caught up in an explosion alongside two other people.


Zoila finally gives birth, but there are some serious complications and "one must die". So Genevieve has to make a choice on whether doctors should make Zoila’s life or the baby’s a priority.

Bad news for Rosie. Spence is brutally attacked by a cartel and he loses his memory. The big question is: Will he remember his wife?


One thing we’re certain about is that there is a lot of bloodstains to be cleaned in season 4.

Don't miss the gripping season 3 finale of #DeviousMaids, tonight at 8:30PM.