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#RhythmCity: Trouble seems to be following Bongi

22 October 2018

Following a series of scandals that forced her to leave for New York, Bongi is back and is trying to mend things, but instead more enemies are made.

Upon her return she dropped a bomb on Lungile announcing her pregnancy. Since then Lungile has been a little disturbed and things are getting worse.


Lungile has tried to be strong and has gone as far as proposing for the renewal of their vows. However, this remains to be seen.

Bongi also visited Lerato to have a girl talk and make peace. But she got more than what she had bargained for and it does not seem like they will ever be besties again.


Bongi and Bash are not on the same page since her return, not forgetting the history that lies between them. Even social media police are investigating her pregnancy. Many think that the child she’s carrying belongs to Bash.


And now Bongi is entangled in trouble with David and he’s planning to get rid of her at Reds. And we all know David leaves no stone unturned.


Bongi’s life hasn’t been an easy, but as long as she lives she will keep on trying, hopefully it work out for her someday.

Why does Bongi end up in such sticky situations?

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