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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

29 October 2018
Imbewu: The Seed

Nganono comes clean about getting Zethu pregnant and Phunyuka rages. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Ngcolosi tells MaZulu that not only is he firing Nganono, but is going to kick him out of the house too. Pranav tells Ngcolosi he can’t fire Nganono without the board’s permission. MaNdlovu steals the doctor’s letter from Zethu’s belongings. Zethu realises she can’t trust the Bhengus. Pranav finally gets a chance to talk to Nirupa, but she won’t reconcile with him.


Phunyuka confronts Nganono demanding to know what he was doing with Zethu at Emsamo and Nganono lies to him again. Pranav sees the light after making up with Shria. He later meets Melissa to thank her and says his goodbyes. Zethu searches the house for the missing doctor’s report and Celiwe catches her going through MaZulu’s things but can’t bring to herself to tell MaZulu what she has seen. After getting Logan’s advice, Ngcolosi tells Nganono to resign.


MaZulu advises Nganono to fight and he does. He fights back with a contract stating that Maluju can’t remove him from his position except for serious misconduct which he hasn’t committed. Ngcolosi is livid. Celiwe tells MaZulu that she found Zethu snooping in her bedroom. After a confrontation Zethu tells MaZulu that Nganono killed her unborn baby. MaZulu is shattered when she learns that MaNdlovu has known all along and helped Nganono cover up. Pranav returns to work and returns to his daughters’ lives with a home cooked meal.

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Ngcolosi confronts MaZulu because she advised Nganono to fight for the position at Maluju. MaNdlovu goes back home to Umbumbulu, leaving MaZulu to handle the mess on her own. Zakithi is dying a slow death in her menial job at Maluju. KaMadonsela has had enough of MaZulu knocking on Phakade's door. Ngcolosi offers Zithulele a promotion and Zakithi freaks out when she hears about it. Nirupa tells Mira she is taking up journalism again and moving back home. Ngcolosi tells Nganono he can stay at Maluju if he tells Phunyuka he is the one who impregnated Zethu.



Nganono comes clean about getting Zethu pregnant to Phunyuka and Phunyuka rages. Phunyuka tries to attack Nganono and curses Zimele for keeping this from him. Nirupa comes back home and starts blogging. MaZulu lets slip to Ngcolosi that Nganono also gave Zethu abortion pills. Ngcolosi fires Nganono in his disgust at his actions.


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