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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

12 November 2018

Zakithi and KaMadonsela team up to find out what secret the family is keeping from them and Futhi borrows a dress from Zakithi. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Ngcolosi and Phakade go to Phunyuka to offer damages on behalf of Nganono. Feeling guilty and ashamed for murdering Nganono, Phunyuka accepts the gesture. Zethu wants to return to work. Celiwe suggests to Zakithi that perhaps things aren’t going her way because she never did her umemulo. MaNdlovu warns Zakithi to stop talking about the man in the yellow car and the sangoma who warned the family. Zakithi announces to her family that she intends to do her umemulo. KaMadonsela remains worried about Zakithi’s reaction to the photo of the yellow car. Shria starts to throw her weight around in her newfound position at Maluju Oil.


A relieved Phunyuka finds his wallet after getting Nganono’s car from the police impound. He has the vehicle destroyed, hoping he’s left no further trace. Meanwhile, Zethu returns to work. Upon her return, Bongi insists she seeks help from a professional. Meanwhile, MaZulu is shocked when Ngcolosi encourages Zakithi to have her umemulo. She tells MaNdlovu and they endeavour to stop the ceremony. Zithulele questions his sister’s deeper motives, but she refuses to explain herself. Zakithi learns that KaMadonsela suspects Phakade and MaZulu of having an affair. They agree to find Macingwane. Finally, Shria lays down the law at work and accuses Zakithi of being absent.   


Ngcolosi agrees to do the umemulo for Zakithi, much to MaNdlovu and MaZulu's horror. KaMadonsela follows Phakade to Macingwane's hut, hoping for answers, but she gets nothing. Zimele asks Phunyuka to look for Nganono.

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Phakade is woken up by a dream in the middle of the night. Nganono’s spirit is reaching out to him. KaMadonsela’s suspicions arise when she notices that Phakade has something to hide. She and Zakithi will not stop until they find out the secret that is being kept from them. MaZulu comes up with excuses as to why Zakithi should not have her umemulo but Ngcolosi is adamant that Zakithi deserves it as it is her right as a first daughter. MaNdlovu confronts Zakithi and tells her to let it go. Zakithi asks MaNdlovu if MaZulu had an affair with Phakade. MaZulu receives a fake SMS from Nganono which has actually been sent by Phunyuka.


Futhi is impressed by Zakithi’s fashion style and asks to borrow a dress for the night. Khanyo is embarrassed when all eyes at Emsamo are on her and a hot looking Futhi. Zithulele and friends celebrate Futhi’s return. MaKhumalo reveals something both MaZulu and Phakade didn’t want to hear. Phakade keeps playing mind games with the Bhengus. Secrets at the dinner table bring kaMadonsela face to face with reality.

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