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This week on Scandal!

12 November 2018

Mthunzi comes face to face with Chichi, pastor Samson arouses Zinzile’s suspicions and Romeo is forced to pay. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Romeo makes a crucial connection, but will it be answered?  The Ngemas differ over how to handle an emotional relation.  Gloria's new romantic status ruffles feathers at work and home.

Mthunzi gets a call which makes him age ten years in one second. A visitor makes his intentions known but not everyone is pleased. Stokkies makes sure he has a witness for a set up. 

Mthunzi comes face to face with the person he thought he’ll never see again. An encouraging figure is having a positive effect on the Ngemas' lives. Stokkies' scheming isn't working out like he planned.

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A source stays resolute but suspicious Romeo is forced to pay up.  Samson speaks of divine intervention while Zinzile's suspicions are aroused.  Kgosi is exposed to adult content and is not thrilled.  

Romeo is in desperate times and is definitely calling for desperate measures. Kgosi is shocked by a real miracle.  A young man's attempt to help a situation leads to an unpleasant outcome.

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