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#RhythmCity: Who kidnapped Busi?

22 November 2018

Could it be Genaro, Nicki or someone else in the long list of Suffo’s enemies? Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Puleng took her eyes off Busi and in a matter of seconds she was gone.

This raises questions about the Ndlovu’s enemies - especially Suffocate. The only obvious enemy that Suffo and the Ndlovu’s have right now is David Genaro, but he is currently too occupied and obsessed with getting rid of Bongi at Reds. It might be a crazy idea to speculate that he took Busi… or maybe it isn’t?

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One thing is certain, whoever did this has been planning it for quite some time. It was executed so well, no one noticed anything. Whoever took Busi must be planning something very big against the Ndlovu family.

The police have already suggested that relatives might have a hand in this. Could it be Niki, Busi’s biological mother, even though her whereabouts are unknown?

Who could be behind the kidnapping of Busi Ndlovu?

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